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Berita • 02 Nov 2022

SEVIMA and Leadsquared Present The Acceleration of New Student


SEVIMA.COM – SEVIMA and LeadSquared have built a collaboration for higher education solutions. Especially in facilitating the higher education registration process by utilizing cloud technology & mobile internet. Sevima and LeadSquared committed to provide superior, automated, and targeted services to student candidates and parents. So, it would significantly increase the admission acceleration & acceptance conversion rate.

LeadSquared is a CRM (customer relationship management) company based in Bengaluru, India which has successfully helped 2000+ educational institutions in India and around the world. It has provided technology to recruit student candidates through marketing automation. Besides, LeadSquared is one of the unicorns from India, with a valuation of over US $ 1 billion (15 Trillion Rupiah), which has marquee education vertical customers in the APAC region, i.e., Co-Learn, BYJU, Unitek Learning, Upgrad, Unacademy, and many others prominent ones.

“Sevima and LeadSquareds’ collaboration is expected to make the admission process for Indonesian higher education much easier. Starting from promotions, managing student candidates, managing the registration
flow, and giving personal notifications to student candidates and parents by SMS, email, and Whatsapp. It would be much easier because Leadsquared integrated with Sevima Academic System (siAkadCloud) for administrative management, payments, and reporting. Hopefully, the number of new student admissions will fastly increase. Then, the campus finances will be much healthier,” said Abhishek Ananda, Country Head of Leadsquared to SEVIMA, Thursday (6/10/2022).

SEVIMA’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Ridho Irawan, said that SEVIMA, as an Edutech (education technology) company, has been committed for 18 years to solving the complex academic problems of administration in higher education. It carried out strategic collaboration to bring innovative digital solutions, build excellent management and enhance the student registration number. Thus, it impacts the progress and development of higher education.

“A system that supports integrated marketing, operational, administrative, and financial advancements is required to improve higher education in Indonesia. Leadsquared has the technology and valuable experience, it has been proven to increase the number of students at various higher education institutions in India and other countries. Hopefully, it could be implemented in Indonesia with a positive impact on our higher education,” Ridho explained.

He continued that the collaboration with Leadsquared will assist universities, especially in conducting promotions and managing prospective students through various digital media channels, social media, or offline, like educational expos to door-to-door presentations to high schools.

Besides the competitiveness of higher education needs, we must see internal conditions, such as real-time services to students and the existing elements. It also encourages the system development that handles all dynamics to create high quality in all aspects.

“We always explore collaboration with various parties, one of which is Leadsquared. It is in line with the SEVIMA mission in accelerating digital transformation for universities in Indonesia,” concluded Ridho.


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